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It may be the wine talking, but that really touched me that he did that.Sister Christy (oh, your time has come) and Ashley’s mom seem to really like Brad, her mom even invites him to sleep over (in only a slightly inappropriate way). Shawntel’s Date Creepy organ music ushers us into Shawntel’s date, which is a bit unfair.

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The infamous reality contestant—who made his second appearance on the show after rejecting both Jenni Croft or De Anna Pappas in 2007—selected Emily Maynard over Chantal O' Brien during last night's final rose ceremony.

They might as well skip the rest of the season and get married now!

Chantal is a graduate of the University of Washington and currently works as an assistant for her father Mike O’Brien, who used to play professional football with the Seattle Seahawks and the USFL.

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My guess is that Emily is the "winner." (I'm using that term loosely, of course.) In fact, I'm so confident I have some high stakes bets going to the tune of .