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A GOOD parent monitors what kids are doing - what they are watching on TV, engaging in online, and reading everywhere.In today's day and age, you NEED a literate partner - in the very least, for the sake of your kids.And there are plenty who are qualified but don't or cannot work.

It is only normal for them to set higher expectations over relationships and men, because they have prior knowledge that these things are possible. Intelligent girls know their capabilities and they know that they cannot settle for anything less.

A partner's education doesn't only help you financially. Kiss family planning goodbye and say hello to surprise pregnancies.6. You'll be carrying check in luggage, cabin luggage, and another piece of domestic luggage for whom you buy an extra air ticket.7. I don't encourage anyone to objectify their spouses, but hell, there's little I won't do to make my husband stand proud and tall in his social circles. And I'm sure you'd want that in your marriage too.8.

If you want her to truly be your back end support system - she needs to be able to sort out your banking / govt. You see a laughload poster on Daniel Radcliffe / Justin Beiber that has you in splits. You can't just turn the screen and wait for her reaction. Imagine what all this clubbed together will do to your marriage.

Marry whoever you love and take him or her for who he/she is provided he/she also gives you such [email protected] important question here is: can they resolve their difference amicably?

if yes then they should go on and get married but if their differences is too much then they should NOT.