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“As it’s a fairly new technique, people are still getting their heads around it. It’s like I’ve given them their mojo back, you can see the boost in confidence straight away.” John Lewis, who is personal hair stylist to Beverley Knight, has been in the business for 26 years winning multiple awards, the latest being Bridal Hairstylist of the year award in 2016.

It was on a trip to Atlanta at the Bronner’s Brother’s hair show that Natasha was inspired to bring the popular trend to the UK.

A NEW dating site targeting black singles, has come under fire for promoting colourism after users discovered it matches suitors based on skin complexion, facial features and hair texture.

And users can choose from various hair options such as: weave, Afro, natural hair and clean cut.

For those with an interest in lip size, members can describe their lips as: thin, full, soup coolers, duck lips.

Explaining the technique Natasha said: “Initially a photo of the client is sent in order to give me a clear indication of what will be needed and to understand what it is the client would like to achieve.

“From this I can identify and source the correct type of hair that will be used.