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The number of registered sex offenders compared to the number of residents in this city is a lot smaller than the state average.

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Last year, the school in Andover alleged that five former teachers engaged in sexual misconduct with students during the 1970s and 1980s.

The survey included questions about sex practices, homosexual behavior, criminal behavior including assaults (and sexual assaults) they may have committed, alcohol and drug use, moral values about sex, their grades, whether they get school-subsidized lunches, depression, and other intrusive questions. We are fighting hard to get this bill passed – and we believe it can happen this session.

One question plants the seeds of “gender identity” doubt. If you can help in any way – even calling from home (even if you live out of state) – by all means contact us.

High school and middle school students across the country continue to be subjected to crude, graphically sexual, psychologically intrusive, and privacy-invading surveys, without parents knowledge or consent. Yes _______ No _________ [Have you] hit, slapped or physically hurt a current or past boyfriend or girlfriend on purpose? One State Rep, a native of Cambodia, said it reminded him of what the Communists had done to people back there!

In addition, as Mass Resistance reported last May, these surveys are unscientific, present a distortion of reality, and are apparently designed to This latest incident took place last Monday (Feb. According to press reports, local parents were outraged when their kids came home describing the questions they had been asked on the survey. Yes _______ No _________ What do you feel is your gender? The testimony was even reported on local television and in talk radio the next day.