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Only Stacy Schiff's account of the battle in Cleopatra: A Life rivals Dando-Collins' in recent material.

That was before this "president." Who is QUITE OBVIOUSLY attempting to dismantle our democracy. The group alleged the request for voting history and political party affiliation by the Trump administration violates a Watergate-era law that prohibits the government from gathering information about how Americans exercise their First Amendment rights.Pulling from such diverse sources as Stacy Schiff's recent biography of Cleopatra, down to works of Plutarch and of Caesar (well, probably Aulus Hirtius, one of his officers) I think I have a fairly good narrative prepared of one of the most unknown, under-reported, and underrated events of the ancient world.6/2012: After a long absence, I have resumed work on this little article.Observations made by Matsuura Takeshiro, for example, illustrate concretely the dramatic decline of Ainu populations caused by epidemic diseases.47 years later that number was reduced to 17,810 a 32% decline.[11] The Ainu in the 14th century were much more populous before invasions from the Japanese.