Why data updating is important

Although this principle sounds straightforward, the law recognises that it may not be practical to double-check the accuracy of every item of personal data you receive.So the Act makes special provision about the accuracy of information that individuals provide about themselves, or that is obtained from third parties.Ensuring the accuracy of personal data will assist you in complying with this requirement as well.The Act says that: This is the fourth data protection principle.This update was published in Small Business Update - August 2013 Small Business Update from Atom Content Marketing is a monthly magazine for people running their own business.Articles vary in length and cover 'hot topics', issues of importance, and current affairs. In fact, if you fail to maintain it, you will find that much of it is useless within three years.Updating your database helps you comply with the rules, but also benefits you by avoiding wasting resources contacting someone who has 'gone away'.It is possible to keep your database up to date by ensuring that you check client details regularly, updating your records as soon as you become aware of changes.

Hackers typically try to get into the admin of a website as, from there, they can do what they want.

The second of the principles covering information standards, principle 4 covers the accuracy of personal data.

The Data Protection Act imposes obligations on you to ensure the accuracy of the personal data you process. This requirement is closely linked with the requirement under principle 3 that personal data is adequate.

This example shows the admin alerts in Word Press, indicating that there are 12 updates available.

You will see similar alerts in whatever CMS you are using.

Why data updating is important